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HomeStyle4Art believes that artistic imagery should be free. We achieve that by providing Our Products and Services, show you Ads that you may like, or if you visit one of our partner affiliates to make a purchase. Since you are already helping us grow… we would like to make it more worth your while with each visit… and, we give you something to do if you get board.

Our Free Members can do whatever they like with the images they find for their access level. However, the Full Members Area has access to tens of thousands more images, pngs, vectors, icons, logos, jpgs, etc… but they require the usual one time use license.

You can become a Full Member with NO out of pocket expense. Just use the Virtual Dollars we pay you.

Our Payout List below is always evolving and growing so we devised a system where we can both be happy. The more options you participate in, the faster we grow and the more virtual $$ you can make. There’s always more stuff uploaded regularly that is missing some valuable information that people like yourself could use when searching. Browsing can be fun if you’re not looking for anything in particular… otherwise, searching is the best way.

HomeStyle4Art’s Official Payout List (Virtual $ for Digital Chores)

Join as a Free Member – Get $10 Virtual Dollars Instantly
New Free Member Sign Up Through Your Link – You both get $10
New Purchase Through Your Link – $10 (not Wallet purchase)
Yearly Calendar Suggestions – $10 (pick 12 image URLS)
ID Photo Photographer – Get $5 (Get $10 if you include contact info for hire)
Image Quotes, Proverbs, and Jokes Suggestions – Get $5 (image URL and text)
New Artistic Recipe Addition – Get $5 (coming soon)
Daily Visits – Get $2 every 24 hours (this one alone could be $730 per year)
Upload an Image – Get $2 per image. Must include Title/Description (bulk uploads count as 1)
Leave a Star Rating Comment on Any Page – Get $2
Report An Image Duplicate – Get $2 (send us all image URLs and text)
Report An Image/Post for Porn Paraphernalia – Get $2 per Image/Post (after verification)
Become an Image Editor – Get $2 per Image (your Profile must be complete and $100 in your Wallet)
Become a HomeStyle4Art Vendor – Get $10 (upload your own or touch up and resell some of our images)
Whatever You Purchase with Real Money, we add a 10% cashback (includes memberships, bulk images, canvas prints, art work, posters, calendars, or any deliverable product or service)
Send a Gift Card or Special Occasion Card – Whatever you send to your contact as a Real Money Gift, we add a 10% cashback

For those that obtain certain Levels in their Wallet, we have more surprises for you

Some of you are probably wondering what you might do with all that Virtual Money that is building up in your Wallet. The list keeps getting longer as time passes but here are a few things you can do with your Virtual Money.

Purchase Monthly or Yearly Full Membership

Purchase any of our Digital Art and Downloadable Calendars

Purchase Advertising on our site, calendars, and emails

Purchase Deals we only offer to Virtual Wallet owners

From time to time we and our sponsors offer up products you can purchase with your Virtual Wallet

Use your Wallet to pay for some of our image services

Spend $100 from your Virtual Wallet and Spin To Win that $100 in Real Money or Other Prizes. Everyone wins something

If you reach $500 in your Wallet, we’ll give you 10 spins on the wheel to win $100 Real Money or Other Prizes

If you reach $1000 in your Wallet, we’ll give you 30 spins on the wheel to win $100 Real Money or Other Prizes

If you reach $10000 in your Wallet, we’ll… bow down and praise your achievements. Then we’ll make you an honorary Titan Member that has permanent full free access to everything digital. You don’t have to spin this time. We’ll just give you $100 in Real Money

Yes you can still have a Paid Membership for those needing much more, a lot faster

NOTE: Our HS4A Virtual Wallet is used to pay for all Downloadable Digital Products and some of OUR Services. If you have a non-digital product in your cart, like a delivery of bulk calendars, your Wallet will not show up as a payment option.
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