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Main Site:

Can I report a picture I think may be porn?

Absolutely! Homestyle4Art does NOT support having porn on our site. We serve up images for projects to people of all ages and we can’t always catch everyone that may let one slip by. There is a fair amount of nudity in some artistic pieces but they are listed as art. If you see something that seems to be a little to explicit for our children’s eyes, YES, by all means report the image… or any post that fits that description. If it’s a legitimate Report, we’ll pay you for the information. See our Payout List.

You can find several ways to Contact Us. The best one is the “Report Abuse” link, just below the Add to Cart button. You can also just Contact Us directly or you can click on the “Share” button on the left screen. You’ll see a small envelope image in there. Just click that and send it off to us.

Any Visitor or Member posting porn on HomeStyle4Art will have their account immediately terminated.

Can a group participate in your Pay List Earning?

Absolutely. Here’s how:
– Get everyone that will be involved in the group to sign up for their own personal account. It’s Free and you can add or remove people at any time
– Choose one of those persons to be the Group Leader
– Everyone in your group will earn Virtual Dollars as they participate
– Before the 1st of each month, each group member needs to Transfer their Virtual Dollars to the Group Leader

NOTE: This method could improve the odds but we have No facts to back that up. The same amount of spins will occur each month whether split up as individuals or as a Group Leader. When a Member Transfers funds to another Member, they are giving up all rights to those fund and what they could have been used for. Once Transferred to a Member, that Member now owns all rights to use those funds as they see fit. The Member(s) that gave up rights are not permitted to use that account as it would violate our “Don’t Give Out Your Password” Policy

Are your images free?

Yes. Our Site is Designed to allow anyone needing High Resolution Images for any type of projects, to get them Free in many ways and use them for whatever they like. For any New Visitor that signs up as a Free Member, they will get $10 Virtual Dollars deposited immediately in their Virtual Wallet. If Free Members choose to participate in the growth of the site, they can earn more Virtual Dollars and use them toward Free Items, Memberships, or Services.

Click Here To see the Official Pay List we currently offer, and what you can spend it on.

We do have Paid Memberships and Bulk Directory Orders for those needing much more, a lot faster.

Can I purchase images without being a member?

Yes. However, we deliver download links to your email and keep track of your Downloads so you can recover your image(s) if something goes wrong with large files. You will be asked for that information for each checkout. It’s easier to sign up as a Free Members so your information is inserted for you automatically.

Message says I’m not logged in. Why?

It’s possible you viewed our site with 2 versions of the same browser and may have closed the one you logged in with. If you can’t do something like Edit your profile, you will need to log out and log in again.

Why do I sometimes get sent to the Login Page?

There are certain areas of our site that require us to know who is accessing it. The Free Member is the first level to get you into most things and as the name implies, it costs you nothing to join. In fact, we pay you Virtual Dollars to join.

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Full Members:

Why isn’t My Cart working?

Possible reasons your cart is not working:

Your Cart knows you are a Member but you didn’t Log In yet so the system can’t apply certain benefits you may be entitled too.

You have added a Wallet Payment to your Cart AND Any Other Product. To make either work properly, temporarily remove one of them. A Wallet Top Up needs to be done in it’s own transaction

You didn’t enter all needed information on the form. If this is the case, there should be an Error Message near the Required Field that was missed or is not correct

Your Quantity has been set at “0” and your Add To Cart button won’t work. It needs to be at least “1”

My wallet not showing up as payment option. Why?

If your digital wallet doesn’t show up as a payment option when you check out, try this.

First, make sure you are Logged In. Visitors don’t get to have a wallet. We need you to sign up as a Free Member before we give you a wallet with $20 and add you to our credit system.

Second, if you’re a Full Member, you don’t need a Wallet. All your images are free. Just click to download

Third, make sure there are only digital downloads in your cart. If there is a product that needs to be shipped, your wallet will not automatically show up for a payment option. You need to run them through separately.

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Free Members:

How to checkout faster?

The quickest way to checkout is to Join Up as a Free Members or Full Member. They are not required to fill out any fields. Once you are registered as a Free Member or Above, the needed information will be inserted automatically for you. Once everything you want is in your cart, it’s Just 2 clicks to check out. The downloads are presented right away or you can download from your email or in your Downloads in My Account

Why should I use My Wallet?

Here’s a few reasons why you should use Your Wallet:

We pay you more digital dollars for tasks you may already do anyway. (See our Payout List)

As soon as you sign up we’re going to deposit some Virtual Dollars that will save you money. There’s no taxes charged on payments, no monthly fees, and no transaction fees like every time you use your credit card.

We designed this site so that all Free Members and Above could get all the images they need for Free.

Basically, if they like an image while browsing, they only need to Star Rate it with a nice Descriptive Comment. Once they save that Comment, they instantly get $1 placed in their Virtual Wallet. $2 if the Member is an Editor and Edits all Fields. All they have to do now is Add the Image to their Cart, click Check Out. Instant Free Download. They can do this over and over for all the images they need but if you need more than one, add them all to your cart and only do one checkout.

We also Add More Virtual Dollars to your Wallet depending on different tasks. The best place to keep up to date with new Tasks For Dollars is Our Payout List.

Can anything be deducted from My Wallet?

There are “Several” ways to have deductions from your Wallet but all of them have to be authorized or performed by you

  • You purchased Digital Download(s)
  • You purchased Paid Member Access
  • You purchased one of Our Services (coming)
  • You purchased Bulk Images (coming)
  • You were reported by Security to be trying to circumvent the operation of this site. That’s grounds for Total Account Deletion including your Wallet

Can my account be deleted?

Yes, but make sure that’s what you really want. All your information including purchase records, downloads, mailing addresses, email, etc. will be deleted permanently. Just go to Your Profile Page and scroll down to the bottom.

How do I change my password?

Changing your password regularly is a good idea so we’ve made it easy with two locations. You can go to Your Profile Page or Account Details Page.

Why should I become a Free Member?

Our Join Us Page explains all memberships available and how they effect what your Virtual Wallet is worth but we’ll explain a bit here.

As a Guest, you’ll get sent off to our Free Member Sign Up Page when you click on something that requires at least that level of access. You may also see something like “You Are Not Logged In”.

As a Free Member, you get some Virtual Dollars placed in your new Virtual Wallet for various things you may do on our site anyway.

You can also earn more Virtual Dollars. Some examples are:

Join as a Free MemberNew Free Member Sign Up Through Your Link – New Artistic Recipe Addition – Daily Visits – Upload an Image – Leave a Star Rating Comment on Any Page – Report An Image/Post for Porn Paraphernalia – Become an Image Editor – Become a HomeStyle4Art Vendor – Whatever You Purchase with Real Money, we add a 10% cashback – Send a Gift Card or Special Occasion Card – Whatever you send to your contact as a Real Money Gift, we add a 10% cashback

For those that obtain certain Levels in their Wallet, we have more surprises for you. Stay up to date with Our Payout List

My Downloads says No files available for download. Where are they?

My Downloads will display all the files you have received either free or purchased… from the Free Member Area Only. Full Member Directories are not Integrated with the Free Member Images. There are 10s of Thousands of Images, vectors, avatars, PNGs, etc, that are for Full Members only. In that area, you just click and save. If you haven’t checked out any files, whether free or purchased, your listing will be empty.

If you just went through checkout, please be patient. As we state on our purchase page, some orders can take a few minutes to put together. When the process is complete, you will be sent a confirmation email. You can download from there, or from My Downloads as the file will now be there.

Why does my download expire?

Your download page is just for your convenience in case something went wrong with your checked out download. They are set to expire after 3 attempts to download or 21 days. Whichever comes first.

Some members would accumulate so much unneeded data from hundreds of downloads each day and that could slow down their account actions.

Not to worry though… all your checkouts will always be listed on your Orders page.

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Who puts the price on my photos and artwork?

You are in complete control of your store. Offer your own prices, discounts, coupons, etc.

Can I log in to both member and vendor accounts at the same time?

Yes. If you use the same username and password to sign up for both.

However, if you’re planning to set up a store to sell your own products, you might concider using your store name. Most people wouldn’t buy anything from a store called 51eddy624.

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Affiliate Link on My Account Page. Why?

We automatically add the link in your account for your convenience. You’re probably going to tell someone about our Wonderful Website so why not send them through your personal link? It could just get you more free stuff and discounts.

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If you didn’t find a solution here, please fill out our form and we’ll respond as soon as possible