About Us


I can remember my Mom when I was a kid. She was an amazing artist, sculptist, and photographer. She crafted pressed flowers, worked with pottery, painted rocks to look like little houses, and took a picture of my 21 year old dog and put it on canvas. Almost all of her inspiration came from old 35mm pictures she shot herself around the farm or pictures she cut out of magazines. (No, this site was not available)

Unfortunately, by the time the digital age of high tech HD cameras and computers arrived, she passed away and was unable to show her magical talent to the world. She would have loved our Digital age and I’m sure she would have created some amazing new art. Her inspiration for everything that was art, my Son finding his photographic artistic talent, and some of my photos, turned this website into an idea. An idea that all art, no matter how it was put together, should be easily available to, and acquired by anyone… anywhere. Your art may not be everyone’s taste but you never know.

We hope to connect you with all this amazing photo digital artwork to use in any type of situation from small school projects up to multi-million dollar marketing orders from corporate to private companies.

If you are a Digital Artist, we’d love to set up your own art for you here. As we strive to keep up with modern technology, we built this site so all of human kind can see what beauty is all around us. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our visitors and contributors.